The Right Tool for the Job: Four Questions to Ask When Selecting Channels

The Right Tool for the Job: Four Questions to Ask When Selecting Channels

I’ve found that the most commonly neglected piece of the communication process is the medium in which the message is delivered. Many organizations already know whether they are going to send an email or create a Facebook campaign, etc., and they tend to focus on what they want to say and how to say it. The problem is, by predetermining the medium without considering the audience and how the information is consumed, campaigns are inefficient and the key message may never reach the intended audience.

There are more ways than ever to spread the word about brands. Offline and online, new channels are popping up and existing channels are changing. It is critical to spend time understanding who your audience is, where they are and which mediums are most appropriate to deliver the relevant message. The following questions are a must to ask before deciding on a medium/channel:

  1. Who is the target audience, where are they (online and offline locations) and how do they consume information?
  2. Based on the audience profile, which medium is relevant and lends itself best to delivering the message?
  3. Look at the effectiveness and the cost of each relevant channel. Which will provide the best bang for the buck?
  4. What type of performance tracking does each medium offer?

With that information you’ll be prepared to select the best channel or channels possible, ultimately making the most efficient use of your time and money.

Have you seen any bad examples of this in the wild? What is the most mismatched campaign you’ve ever seen?


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