Why I Won’t Be Deactivating My Facebook Account Anytime Soon

Why I Won’t Be Deactivating My Facebook Account Anytime Soon

It seems like there is now a trend among some social media “experts” [substitute with “hipsters” if you like] is to deactivate your Facebook account, then rush to tell all of your friends, family and peers about it, maybe even on Facebook. How badass, and totally not mainstream, it is to do, since Facebook has become so mainstream?

Well, I can’t say I’m too sad to see you go, since your kind of humble-brag, self-promoting garbage is the kind of stuff I tend to hide from my newsfeed anyway, as I try to weed it like a well-maintained garden.

Facebook isn’t what it was, and likely isn’t what it will be. Facebook has been a lot of things since I joined in college to share semi-private, semi-appropriate, things with only my other university-enrolled buddies. Today’s Facebook can be many different things to many different people.

Yes, it can be a huge timesuck if you allow it to be one. If you have the compulsion to share every moment of your life, you’re probably not spending enough time enjoying those moments. And at the other end of the spectrum, if you can’t spend a few hours without seeing what your Facebook family is posting, you’re probably not enjoying your own life like you should be. If you’re major complaint about Facebook is that you’re spending too much time on Facebook, then you should probably place that blame on the man (or woman) in the mirror.

Are you tired of seeing too many advertisements, brand posts and over-sharing high school friends? Then deal with it, or change it! Facebook offers you a ton of ways to customize what you see there. Take a little time to weed your own Facebook garden, to make it what you want.

For me, it’s a great way to catch a glimpse of what my family, friends, peers and favorite brands have been up to. I get to see things I may never hear about while catching up, not to mention that it allows me to keep up with more people than I ever would without it.

Last weekend, my brother made an incredible wood table/cooler, FROM SCRATCH, that I may have never heard about or seen otherwise. Now that I live halfway across the country from my family, and most of my friends, Facebook has never been more useful. I’ve used my page “likes” and account settings, to make it what I want it to be. Oversharers? You’re gone. Selfie obsessed? Buh-bye!

So to all of you hipsters, if you need to be different and you want everyone to know it, go ahead and leave Facebook, but if you can recognize the value Facebook can provide, and you’re willing to manage it, stay on and make it your own.

What about everyone else? Are you sick and tired of Facebook, or is it a good place to connect?


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